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The Maison Rivage Sakuranomiya


¥ 43,000 ~ 48,000

The Maison Rivage Sakuranomiya

The Maison 3rd store is located near the famous cherry blossom spot “Kema-Sakuranomiya Park”. The entire building was redecorated. It is not easy to find a house like this one in the downtown of Osaka City. There are telework space, soundproof room, lounge with sofa and counter for everyone to use. After experiencing covid-19, we have new ideas for designing the house. And this is the house with these new ideas!

When you jog or picnic around the river, you can enjoy the view of Osaka Castle and Yodogawa(river). Even live in the City, you still can enjoy the nature here. Although the private room is not very wide, but every room is with big closet and LAN cable.

It only costs you 3 minutes to walk to JR Loop Line Sakuranomiya station, and Subway Miyakojima Station is not far, either. With such excellent access that you can go out easily in Osaka City.

Staffs clean the common space twice a week. It is an adult-style share house that combines both work and leisure functions.

This house is available for 18 occupants. Size of each room is 7.98~8.97 square meters. All rooms have bed, air-condition, table, closet and refrigerator.

There are 4 booths of Telework space, soundproof room for dancing or playing instrument, lounge with sofa, counter chair, big kitchen, TV which you can watch NETFLIX, washing and drying machine (free), vacuum cleaner, cooker, tableware at common area. Also, there are indoor bicycle parking (charged) , too!

It costs you only 3 minutes to walk to beautiful Kema-Sakuranomiya Park

Walking or jogging along the river, you can see Osaka Castle and the beautiful scenery along the way. There is OAP (Osaka AMENITY PARK) on the other side of the river. From there, you can enjoy the Funatogyo and fireworks of the Tenjin Festival.

Commercial facilities around this house.

Convenience store (Family Mart, 1 mins on foot / Seven eleven, 2 mins on foot / Lawson, 3 mins on foot ), Super market (Mandai, 12 mins on foot / Pantry Miyakojima store, 9 mins on foot ), Drugstore-Kirindo (11 mins on foot), Sports Club-GUNZE SPORTS (9 mins on foot)

You should pay the service fee 18,000 yen (only once), and fire insurance fee 5,400 yen (per year) when you move in. Foreigner needs to provide your identified ID card/passport and emergency contact information.

Nakanocho, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka City
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JR Loop Line Sakuranomiya station, 3 mins on foot
Osaka metoro Tanimachi Line Miyakojima station, 10 mins on foot
Time required to terminal station
Take on tram at Sakuranomiya station of JR Loop Line,
Go to Umeda (Osaka station), 4 mins
Go to Kyoubashi station,2 mins
Mixed gender / foreigners OK
18 people
Shared lounge
1 places
Bicycle Parking lot
5 lots (indoor 1,500 yen/per month)
Wi-fi (WIFI-SPOT×6 spot)
Common Furniture & Appliances
counter, sofa, work space, washing machine, drying machine, kitchen, microwave oven, toaster, refrigerator, cooker, tableware
Room Furniture
Bed, desk (table), air conditioner, refrigerator, curtain, LAN cable