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  • C's(Si:s) share is a member of the Japanese House Share House Organization (JGHO) .
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share house C's(Si:s) share Namba 1

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C's(Si:s) share Namba 1 is proud of its ultra-convenient location. At a 5-7 minute walk from the JR, subway, and OCAT Namba stations, including Namba Bus Center, you can get anywhere in downtown Osaka in the blink of an eye. The house has 3 units on 3 floors; each unit houses 4-5 people! In particular, the 2nd floor has been recently renovated, making the interior much more spacious and roomy. Being within walking distance from the OCAT station, it's very popular with those new to Japan!
Furthermore, Namba is the most energetic place in Osaka! It sits close to hotspots of fashion, like Horie and Shinsaibashi.  This house's motto is “Enjoy city life!” and we mean it! Come here to start your fun, invigorating life in Namba!


JR Yamatoji Line - Namba Station (OCAT), subway Yotsubashi Line - Namba Station, 5 min on foot; subway Sennichimae Line - Sakuragawa Station, 3 min on foot.

Fully equipped for shopping!

Supermarkets (Life – Namba Station, 7 min on foot; Food Section, 6 min), post office 6 min. Many convenience stores.

Apartment has 3 rooms for 4-5 people to share. Each room includes bed, air conditioner, dresser, storage space.

Common area includes television, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, vacuum cleaner, cookware, dishware

When you move in, there is a one time Official commission of 18,000 JPY. Fire insurance is 5,500 yen a year. Move-in interview/background check. Guarantee charge is 1,000 JPY a month.

Address 1 Sakuragawa, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-city
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Nearest station JR line Namba Station On foot 2 minutes
Subway Namba Station On foot 8 minutes
Kintetsu line Namba Station On foot 8 minutes
Conditions Only woman Non-smoking House
Capacity 13 persons (3Unit)
Common lounge Yes
Shared computer No
Parking lot for bicycles No(available to park in entrance)
Parking lot No
Internet Wireless LAN Wifi
Common equipment washing machine, drier, dining room, 40 type television, kitchen, Cookware , microwave oven, toaster, plates, cutleries, Roof terace
Room equipment bed, dresser, air-conditioner, lighting, closet
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  • Hankyu Mikuni
  • Osaka University Toyonaka
  • Senri-chuo Midorigaoka
  • Hankyu Toyonaka Music
  • Monorail Shoji
  • Umeda 1
  • Umeda 2 Hanshin Fukushima
  • Umeda 3 Minamimorimachi
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  • Morishoji Music
  • JR Noda Ekimae
  • Tanimachi 6-chome
  • Tanimachi 7-chome
  • Morinomiya
  • JR Tamatsukuri
  • Nishi-Hommachi
  • Awaza
  • Namba 1
  • Namba 2
  • Tanimachi-Line Komagawa Nakano
  • JR Tsukamoto-Juso
  • Nishinomiya-kitaguchi Ekimae
  • Stella Nishinomiya-kitaguchi
  • Hankyu Tsukaguchi