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  • C's(Si:s) share is a member of the Japanese House Share House Organization (JGHO) .
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share house C's(Si:s) share Senri-chuo Midorigaoka

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The luxurious C's(Si:s) share Senri-Chuo location is located in the highly affluent neighborhood of Hokusetsu. It's a little bit of a walk from the nearest station, but the house quality and surrounding area are the best in Kansai.
The individual rooms have a calm atmosphere and plenty of space to concentrate on studying or reading, and the shared living areas are perfect for exhilarating cultural exchange with your roommates. This house has a life and energy to it that you can't get living on your own. It's also within biking distance of the Osaka University Toyonaka campus. We offer a warm welcome to any foreigners or research students!


Senri-Chuo Station, 19 min on foot (bus stop, 5 min on foot); Monorail Shoji Station, 15 min on foot.

Equipped for shopping!

Convenience stores (Seven Eleven, 3 min on foot), supermarkets (Peacock Store, 13 min on foot). Senri-Chuo Station is very large, so there are also many supermarkets and banks nearby.

For 5 tenants; each room includes bed, dresser, air conditioner, storage space

Common area includes television, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, vacuum cleaner, cookware, dishware

When you move in, there is a one time Official commission of 18,000 JPY. Fire insurance is 5,500 yen a year. Move-in interview/background check. Guarantee charge is 1,000 JPY a month.

Address 2 Midorigaoka Toyonaka-city, Osaka-pref
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Nearest station Kita Osaka Express Senri Chuo Station on foot 16 minutes
Osaka monorail Shoji Station on foot 10 minutes
To Umeda 19minutes To Osaka Airport 9 minutes
To Osaka University Toyonaka Campus 15 min by bicycle
To Osaka University Suita Campus 20 min by bicycle
Conditions Only woman Non-smoking House
Capacity 5 persons
Common lounge Yes
Parking lot for bicycles Yes (rental bicycles is a charge)
Parking lot No
Internet Wireless LAN Wifi
Common equipment washing machine, drier, television, DVD player, Living room, kitchen, cookware , microwave oven, toaster, plates, cutleries
Room equipment bed, desk, chair, air-conditioner, closet
  • Shin-Osaka 1
  • Shin-Osaka 2
  • Shin-Osaka 3
  • Shin-Osaka 4
  • Shin-Osaka 5
  •  Shin-Osaka 6
  • Shin-Osaka 7
  • Hankyu Mikuni
  • Osaka University Toyonaka
  • Senri-chuo Midorigaoka
  • Hankyu Toyonaka Music
  • Monorail Shoji
  • Umeda 1
  • Umeda 2 Hanshin Fukushima
  • Umeda 3 Minamimorimachi
  • Umeda 4 Nakazakicho
  • Morishoji Music
  • JR Noda Ekimae
  • Tanimachi 6-chome
  • Tanimachi 7-chome
  • Morinomiya
  • JR Tamatsukuri
  • Nishi-Hommachi
  • Awaza
  • Namba 1
  • Namba 2
  • Tanimachi-Line Komagawa Nakano
  • JR Tsukamoto-Juso
  • Nishinomiya-kitaguchi Ekimae
  • Stella Nishinomiya-kitaguchi
  • Hankyu Tsukaguchi