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Detailed room information Private(Flooring) - MK01 | C's(Si:s) share (Official Website) share house Apartment in Osaka with great prices and high-quality furniture.
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Detailed room information Private(Flooring) - MK01

Private(Flooring) - MK01(1)
Private(Flooring) - MK01(2)

Floor plan:Private(Flooring)

Exclusive area:10.7 square meter

Hankyu Takarazuka line Mikuni Station walk 8min

Monthly cost

Rent fee: 47,000 Yen

Utility fee: 13,000 Yen

Guarantee charges: 1,000 Yen

Initial cost

Processing fee: 18,000 Yen

Fire insurance: ¥5400/year

Detailed room information

Room equipment: bed light AC closet dresser

Story/Floor: 15/14F

Sunny spot: A North

Possibility to enter:

Current: Occupied

No Guarantor, No Deposit, No Key money, Possible 3 months more
Electricity, gas, water fee, and Internet usage charge are included in utility fee.
Wifi wireless LAN 
At first time, office commission 18000 yen and Fire insurance 5400 yen/per year are required.
It charge Guarantee fee 1000yen/per month.