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Move-out application

Things need to be done before moving out

  1. The move-out application must be submitted at least 30days in advance.
    * If you do not submit the application 30 days in advance, the rent and utility charge for 30 days will be charged from the date you submit your move-out application.
    * The rent and utility charge for the month you move out will be calculated on a daily basis.
  2. Before the move-out date, please modify your mailing address (for example : post office, yamato, etc.) in advance. Even if your parcels or mails arrive after moving out, there is no forwarding service, and parcels or mails delivered after moving out will be returned or discarded.
  3. Please dispose of the unnecessary objects (curtains, quilt sets, hangers, food, small furniture, etc.) by yourself.
    Please dispose of the bulky trash by yourself. Please check here to know how to throw away. PDF
    * It costs 3 to 4 weeks to dispose of the bulky trash, so please reserve collecting service as soon as possible.
    * If you are giving away unwanted items to your roommate, be sure to ask her or his permission and inform the name to the house staff.

    * Osaka City bulky trash collection center. 0570-07-0053 

    If you are too busy to dispose of the unnecessary objects by yourself.
    I can arrange a garbage collection company for a fee.

    Basic charge 5,000 yen
    +45ℓ @ 500 yen
    +Oversized garbage 1,000 yen per piece

  4. A move-out inspection is required. After deciding the move-out date and time, please inform us. And if movers or family members will be visiting the house at the time of removal, please be sure to contact House Mail in advance. When you check out, our staff will take over the room key, and check if there is any damage in the room. Please move all your personal belongings out of the room for inspection.
  5. If the facilities and accessories in the room are damaged, lost, etc., or the wallpaper, floor, etc. are stained, you will be charged for the cost of restoring them to their original state. If there is any furniture or personal belongings owned by you leftover, we will charge 1,000 yen per item as a disposal fee.
  6. Please clean up the room after all personal belongings has been move out from the room. (Dresser, window glass, air conditioner filter, etc.) * Please leave the manuals and remote control of the house supplies in the room.
    * For those who have a refrigerator in the room: Please dispose of the food in the refrigerator before checking out.
  7. Please terminate fire insurance by yourself or modify your residential address to continue using it. If you do not terminate the insurance contract by yourself, you are not able to receive the cancellation fee.
    * A-1 Insurance company customer service center phone number
    * Guests of The Maison Studio…please terminate the contract with the gas company by yourself.

* Required

* Full Name
* Mail Address
* Phone number
* House Name
* Room Number
* Contact address after check-out
Date of moving out
Time of moving out
* Reasons to move out (Necessary)
Please let us know about your thoughts of living in our share house.

Based on the above content, apply for check-out.

If the contents and submitted documents are not correct, or if the applicant, guarantor or other contact information cannot be confirmed, based on Article 13 and Article 14 of the contract, I agree all the items left by me in the house to be throwed away.

I agree that the staffs of the Frontier Co. Ltd enter the rental house when they want to show people around the house.

If there is any unusual wear and tear caused by me deliberately or negligently when I check out, I am willing to pay for the repair costs.