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"C’s Share | The Maison" offers stylish shared housing in Osaka and Kobe. Since launching "C's share Shin-Osaka" in 2011, we have been striving to make shared housing a recognized and accepted way of living in the Kansai region. Now, the concept of shared housing has become widely understood. Moving forward, we will continue to support diverse lifestyles in Osaka and Kobe, focusing on the women-only "C's share" and the large-scale "The Maison."

Private rooms with full bathrooms are particularly popular among women in their 20s to 40s and foreigners. Additionally, we offer rooms at affordable price ranges not only in Umeda but also in Namba, Honmachi, and the surrounding areas of Osaka. Our platform provides a wealth of information, including the advantages and disadvantages of shared housing, 360° images, detailed facility information for shared and private areas, vacancy status, access, local environment, and actual reviews. Please feel free to take a look. Thank you.

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  • Request for a vacant room

    Request on this website or calling us.
    Request to visit the house.

  • Visit the house

    If you live abroad, you can apply a room without visiting.

  • Rent a room

    You can move in on the next day when you made a decision.
    Please inform us the date that you will move in when you hand out the application.

  • Signing the contact & move in

    Move-in will be done after you sign the contact at our office or at the house you applied.