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  • Initial payment is 23,400 Yen.

    It is including office commission 18,000 Yen
    and fire insurance fee 5,400 Yen.
    There is No deposit and key money.

  • The shortest rental period is 3 months.

    * There is cancellation fee if you move out within 3 months.

  • We have prepared
    lots of house electric and furniture.

    You can start new life here with your baggage only.

  • It’s no problem if you want to exchange your room!

    If you change your job or workplace,
    there would be no fee for you to move to other house managed by us.

  • Life supporting

    Our staff will help you to start your new life in Japan.
    If you can’t get used to share house life, we have suite room, too.

How to Moving in

  • Request for a vacant room

    Request on this website or calling us.
    Request to visit the house.

  • Visit the house

    If you live abroad, you can apply a room without visiting.

  • Rent a room

    You can move in on the next day when you made a decision.
    Please inform us the date that you will move in
    when you hand out the application.

  • Signing the contact & move in

    Move-in will be done after you sign the contact
    at our office or at the house you applied.

  • Introduction of rules of share house.
  • Visit our share house with your smartphone while you are still at home! - Click here to apply for VR visit