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Economical to live with your friend!Large Room by 2 people vailable! VR Preview
The Maison Studio Kobe

Kobe / Nishinomiya / Amagasaki

  • The Maison Studio Kobe

    The Maison Studio Kobe

    Soon Available

    ¥ 36,000 ~ 38,000

    2021・02 Coming Soon

    This house has a dance house which is big as 30-square-meter. It is suitable for dance, yoga or fitness exercises. And it can be used 365 days a year. Because this share house is reformed from a company’s employee dormitories which has 30 rooms, so every room equipped with bathroom and toile. Also, there is a female-only floor ( has 11 rooms).

    JR Tokaido line Sumiyoshi Station,3 mins on foot
    Rokko Liner Sumiyoshi Station,4 mins on foot
    Hankyu Kobe Line Mikage Station, 15 mins on foot
  • Stella Nishinomiya-kitaguchi Music

    Stella Nishinomiya-kitaguchi Music

    Soon Available

    ¥ 35,000 ~ 53,000


    We respond to the customer’s request that would like to live at Nishinomiya with reasonable price .We prepare reasonable domitory (room for 2 people) and a share room.(for 3 people).

    Hankyu line Nishinomiya-kitaguchi Station on foot 2 minutes.
  • Hankyu Tsukaguchi

    Hankyu Tsukaguchi


    ¥ 46,000 ~ 49,000


    This house is located between Osaka and Kobe.To Umeda 10 min, To Kobe 20 min.The theme is “Maison de trois”! This house has 3 rooms and 3-person Living in.

    Hankyu Kobe Line Tsukaguchi Station on foot 5 minutes