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Economical to live with your friend!Large Room by 2 people vailable! VR Preview
The Maison OLD/NEW

Hanshin Namba Line

  • Le Botejour Nanba

    Le Botejour Nanba


    ¥ 48,000 ~ 58,000

    HOTEL LIFE” that gives ” VALUE” to casual daily life . This is a share house for adults that regenerated the hotel of Namba Sennichimae.

    Subway/Kintetsu Nippombashi Station 3 minutes on foot
    Subway/Kintetsu/Nankai Namba Station 5 minutes on foot
  • C’s(Si:s)share Nishi Kujo

    C’s(Si:s)share Nishi Kujo


    ¥ 45,000 ~ 47,000

    The house faces south and has great light from two sides. Each room has at least 12.5 square meters. There is a balcony with an excellent view, a double bed with a width of 140-160 cm, each room is equipped with a double-door refrigerator and a large closet.
    It takes only 5 minutes by train to Universal Studios, a popular theme park in Osaka. You even can reach to Universal Studios by bicycle.

    JR loop line Nishi Kujo station 8 min on foot
    Hanshin Namba line Nishi Kujo station 8 min on foot
    Subway Sennichimae line Tamagawa station 9 min on foot
  • The Maison OLD/NEW

    The Maison OLD/NEW


    ¥ 37,000 ~ 40,000

    Special offer New price

    The first one of C’s share house that welcomes male to move.
    This house is transformed from a 50-year-old apartment, mixed modern style and old generation fashion.

    Kintetsu Osaka line/Nara line Fuse station, 4 mins on foot
  • C’s(Si:s)share Namba 1

    C’s(Si:s)share Namba 1


    ¥ 39,000 ~ 50,000

    This house is conveniently located. It is recommended for those who want to commute to Namba or Shinsaibashi, Horie. There are three types of house group to choose from.

    JR line Namba Station On foot 2 minutes
    Subway Namba Station On foot 8 minutes
    Kintetsu line Namba Station On foot 8 minutes
  • Shared Apartment Nishikujo1

    Shared Apartment Nishikujo1


    ¥ 34,800 ~ 37,000

    You can reach Osaka and Umeda in 6 minutes, and Universal City Station in 5 minutes!
    [This house is managed by Cross house.]

    Hanshin Namba line Chidoribashi station 3 minutes walk
    JR Osaka Kanjo Line Nishikujo station 10 minutes walk
    JR Yumesaki line Nishikujo station 10 minutes walk