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Com-chez MINATO


¥ 28,000 ~ 33,000

Com-chez MINATO

The spacious living room of 100 square meters is divided into a dining space and a sofa space, so you can spend your time as you please.There are many international students, mainly European and American, and I see them working on their homework and assignments.You can feel free to have an experience like a petit study abroad.In addition, it is a rare share house that can be DIY.
Challenge yourself to create your own room!
[This house is managed by Entrance Japan.]

28-person capacity, 3-story building with rooftop

4 minutes walk from the nearest station

100 square meters of spacious living and dining. There is a fitness room.

DIY possible (application required)

Initial fee

1. Dealing charge:¥16,500(with tax)
2. Rent and Utilities fee for moving-in month(daily rate)
3. Rent and Utilities fee for next month
4. Fire insurance for next month :¥980

Foreigner needs to provide your identified ID card/passport and emergency contact information.

2, Dejima-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai City, Osaka
» Look Google Map.
Nankai mail Line Minato station walk 4 min
Time required to terminal station
Take on tram at Minato Station to go to Namba (Nankai) station, 15 mins.
18 and over / Mixed gender / foreigners OK
28 person
Shared lounge
1 places
Bicycle Parking lot
Bicycle: Free / Motorcycle: Paid(¥500~¥3,000/per month)
Living room, private room Wi-Fi (LAN cable)
Common Furniture & Appliances
TV, table, sofa, washing machine, kitchen, oven, toaster, cooking utensils, tableware, etc.
Room Furniture
bed, air conditioner, curtains, lighting, desk, chair, drawer storage