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Hommachi / Shinsaibashi


    Other unique share houses CASA VERDE K MIDORIBASHI


    ¥ 36,000 ~ 42,000

    For those seeking a new stage in life in the ...

    Subway Chuo Line Midoribashi station, 6 mins on foot
    Subway Imazatosuji Line Midoribashi station, 6 mins on foot
  • C’s(Si:s)share Tamatsukuri 2

    Cs share C’s(Si:s)share Tamatsukuri 2


    ¥ 47,000 ~ 54,000

    Introducing "C's(Si:s) share Tamatsukuri2", l...

    Subway Tamatsukuri station 2 min on foot
    JR loop line Tamatsukuri station 3 min on foot
    Subway Morinomiya station 7 min on foot
  • C’s(Si:s)share Nishi-Hommachi

    Cs share C’s(Si:s)share Nishi-Hommachi


    ¥ 42,000 ~ 54,000

    Now opening a new sharehouse close to the bus...

    Subway Sennichimae Line Awaza Station on foot 6 minutes
    Subway Chuo Line Awaza Station on foot 6 minutes
    Subway Yotsubashi Line Higobashi Station on foot 12 minutes
    Keihan Line Nakanoshima Station on foot 9 minutes
  • C’s(Si:s)share Tanimachi 6-chome

    Cs share C’s(Si:s)share Tanimachi 6-chome


    ¥ 40,000 ~ 54,000

    "C's (Si:s) share Tanimachi 6-chome" is a pop...

    Subway Tanimachi Line Nagahori-Tsurumiryokuchi Line Tanimachi 6-chome Station on foot 5 minutes
  • C’s(Si:s)share Tanimachi 7-chome

    Cs share C’s(Si:s)share Tanimachi 7-chome


    ¥ 37,000 ~ 42,000

    The "C’s (Si:s)share Tanimachi 7-chome" is a ...

    Subway Tanimachi line / Tsurumiryokuchi line Tanimachi 6chou-me on foot 4min
    Subway Tanimachi line / Sennichimae line Tanimachi 9chou-me on foot 6min
  • C’s(Si:s)share Morinomiya

    Cs share C’s(Si:s)share Morinomiya

    Soon Available

    ¥ 32,000 ~ 47,000

    C's(Si:s)share Morinomiya is conveniently loc...

    JR Kanjousen (loop line) / Subway Chuou line / Tsurumiryokuchi line Morinomiya on foot 5 min
  • C’s(Si:s)share Tamatsukuri 1

    Cs share C’s(Si:s)share Tamatsukuri 1

    Soon Available

    ¥ 49,000 ~ 52,000

    "C’s (Si:s)share Tamatsukuri 1" is situated i...

    JR loop line Tamatsukuri station 4min walk
    Subway Tsurumiryokuchi line Tamatsukuri station on foot 6min.
    Subway Chuo & Tsurumiryokuchi line Morinomiya station on foot 8min.
  • Marche AWAZA

    Other unique share houses Marche AWAZA


    ¥ 35,000 ~ 54,000

    Great access to  Honmachi,  Nakanosima, Namba...

    Sennichimae subway Line AWAZA station walk 8 min
    Chuo subway Line AWAZA station walk 10 min