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Viewings and Inquires

I haven’t gotten a reply to my inquiry yet. Is there a problem?
Please check your settings for incoming mail. Our reply may have gotten caught by your spam filter or a limit on the number of incoming messages. Please resend your inquiry after adjusting your settings.
Are viewings by reservation only?
Yes, viewings for all houses are reservation only, as our staff are in and out of different houses each day. We can discussed your preferred day for viewing via email.
How long does a viewing take?
Viewings take about 1 hour for each house. In addition to a tour of the rooms, viewings include an explanation of move in fees and house rules.
What time can I schedule a viewing?
Houses are generally available for viewing every day of the week except Wednesday, from 10:00am to 6:00pm.
Can I see multiple houses in the same day?
If you let us know beforehand, you may see up to 2 houses on the same day. For those who have never lived in Kansai before, we will suggest houses that match your desired area or needs. Please be aware that if the two houses are far apart, we will have to take the train to the second location, and you will be responsible for your own train fare.
Can I bring my friends or family with me?
If you want to visit with your family or friends, please consult with the person in charge in advance. In the women-only house, we do not allow men to accompany us. (Excluding related companies such as contract attendance, moving, equipment construction, etc.)
Can I reserve a room without a viewing?
In general, we require a viewing and and document screening. For those who live far away or live overseas, we are asking for online previews and web interviews instead of on-site visits..
I want to know more about my potential future housemates. Can I meet up with them beforehand?
A. For resident privacy purposes, we cannot guarantee a meeting with them. That being said, if during your tour they happen to be in common areas like the kitchen or living room, you can of course talk to them at those times.
How many days are there until I can move in?
While it depends on the results of the background check, at the earliest you can move in about 1 or 2 days after the check. For more details, please read our section “How to moving in.”
Furthermore, web information about room availability is updated in real time.
If you are in a rush, please email us with your preferred room number and day you would like to move in.
Is internet free?
Yes, it is included in the general utilities fee. Wireless internet is available in both the common areas and individual rooms. Please be aware that at night or while watching videos, the internet may slow down due to the amount of internet traffic.
How are utilities (light, water, gas) handled?
They are included in the utilities fee. However, if these utilities are overused to an excessive extent, or if the provider changes their rates, the utilities fee will also change.


Can I cancel my lease after signing?
Yes, Cancellation (cancellation) is possible during the contract period. A move-out application must be submitted at least 30 days prior to cancellation. Rent will be charged for 30 days from the date of submission, regardless of the date you move out.
Do I need a guarantor?
We don’t require a guarantor for Foreigners. In this case you will be asked to pay a monthly 1000 yen as guarantee charge. However, we require a guarantor for Japanese citizens.
What do I need to have prepared for the lease signing?
You will need an bank account, copy of your residence card and your passport. For more specific details, please ask the staff before signing the lease. (No documents needed during viewing.)
How much is the initial lease fee?
For the first time, you will need to pay for two months, the month you move in and the following month, in addition to the “administration fee” and “fire insurance fee”. It depends on the date you move in, but as a guideline, it is about 100,000 to 130,000. Monthly expenses are rent, common service fee, and payment fee. In addition, foreign nationals who do not have a joint guarantor will be charged a separate guarantee fee of 1,000 yen per month.
How does paying for rent work?
On the 27th of each month, rent will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account by the managing company. If you do not have a domestic bank account in your name, you will be asked to pay by bank transfer or convenience store payment.Foreign nationals are also recommended to open a domestic bank account in their name.
Can I pay rent by credit card?
You can use credit card payment by PayPay (paypay.ne.jp). In that case, a 4.5% PAYPAL fee will be charged separately..

Resident Terms and Conditions

Is there an age restriction?
The houses are targeted  between 18 and 39 years old.In some houses, you can move in up to 49 years old.
Do you allow foreign citizens as tenants?
Foreign citizens may rent a room so long as their stay in Japan is 3 months or longer, and they obey the house rules.
In addition to Japanese, we offer lease agreement documents in English, Korean, and Chinese.
(Please note that day-to-day communication will mostly be in Japanese.)
Can you tell me more about the house rules?
General rules: all houses are non-smoking only (depending on the house, smoking outside may or may not be permitted).
Fires are not permitted inside, with the exception of the kitchen; men (with the exception of those working at the company or contractors) and pets are not allowed inside the house. Throwing out the garbage is done by residents on a shift basis, so please cooperate with your sharemates and the staff.
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Can I rent a room if I am only in Japan for a short-term stay?
In principle, the contract is for 3 months or more (6 months or more for some houses). For short-term stays, we recommend a house with a monthly plan.
Can I make a reservation for my move in date?
Please check the “How to moving in” page. We can accept room reservations a maximum one month in advance.
To make a reservation, we require a deposit (advance partial rent payment of 1month rent).
If you cancel after making the reservation, the deposit will be kept as a contract breaching fee and will not be returned.
Is there a required screening for moving-in?
Yes, there are screening by our own system and credit screening of the guarantee company.
* According to the result of screening, we may reject your moving-in application. Please understand that we are unable to tell you the reason of rejecting your application.
* The guarantee company may contact you and your emergency contact/guarantor if necessary.

Move In Day

What do I need on the move in date?
At the minimum, you will need your lease-related items (including stamp and bank account), bedding, clothing, your own towels, and toiletries. If necessary, there are nearby stores which sell curtains, hairdryers, slippers, and other items. As many of the houses do not have elevators, we recommend bringing as few belongings as possible.
Am I in charge of providing my own bedding?
Yes. You must bring your own bedding and window’s curtains.
If I want to bring my own furniture or dispose of furniture, how do I do so?
If you would like furniture or fixtures outside of what has already been provided (bed, dresser, air conditioner, clothing storage space), you must bring it yourself. Furthermore, you may be required to pay compensation for any house furniture or equipment that has been damaged. If, when moving out, you would like to dispose of your furniture, we ask that you also handle that by your own means.
Can you help make arrangements with a moving company?
Our company does not offer such services. As such, we ask that you handle those arrangements yourself.
Furthermore, if you are using home delivery services, we ask that you handle communication with related companies. (Staff and sharemates may not act as representatives)

Life after Moving In

How can I protect my valuables?
All individual rooms are fitted with locks; rooms with more than one resident will have small safes. Please note that you are in charge of managing your own valuables.
Is there a time for lights out/curfew?
There is no curfew nor time for lights out; however, we ask that you refrain from using communal items (washing machine, dryer, television) or talking loudly in communal spaces during the night or early morning.
Are there areas for parking cars or bicycles?
Each house is different and may or may not have such facilities. For more information, please ask the staff directly.
Can I move to a different room?
Yes. You may move into any other empty C’s share room. Please contact the staff for more information.
Does each house have parties to meet with and talk to sharemates?
This depends on the house; each house may or may not hold these meetings.
Some houses independently have food parties; for others, sharemates have quite different schedules, so there are no such events.
Is there anything I should keep in mind while living a communal life?
We ask you to keep in mind the following, so that all your sharemates can have live comfortably.
We ask you to refrain from making loud noises during early morning or late at night (such as talking loudly, television, music, or alarms), share the communal rooms (kitchen, bath, living room, sinks), and clean up after yourself.

House Residents

What are the other residents like?
Many residents are Japanese women (office workers) in their 20s and 30s; we also house many foreign citizens (office workers, foreign exchange students, working holiday). The variety of ages and nationalities depends on the house.
How long does the average resident stay?
Foreigners frequently stay from half a year to 3 years; Japanese residents often stay from 1-3 years.
The shortest a resident can stay is 3 months; on the long end, there are some residents who have been renting since their house’s opening 5 years ago.


Is there a procedure that foreigners must do after moving in?
You need to register your current address on your residence card. Please make a procedure at the ward office.
I have a vacant property; is it possible to use it as a sharehouse?
This depends on the area, size of the property, and room layout. Please call 06-6770-9740 or fill out an inquiry form online to talk to our staff.