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C’s(Si:s)share Morinomiya

Soon Available

¥ 32,000 ~ 47,000

C’s(Si:s)share Morinomiya

C’s(Si:s)share Morinomiya is conveniently located an 8-minute walk from Morinomiya station, a terminal station in the western part of Osaka. You can access three lines: JR Loop Line, Chuo Line, and Tsurumi Ryokuchi Line, making commutes to places like Umeda, Honmachi, OBP, and Shinsaibashi super easy. Plus, it’s close to Osaka Castle and Morinomiya Q’s Mall, nestled in a peaceful residential area.

The biggest charm of this region is having Osaka Castle Park right in the neighborhood. It’s a fantastic place to enjoy outdoor life, be it jogging, strolling, or cherry blossom viewing. Furthermore, the Morinomiya campus of Osaka City University is set to open in 2025, which is set to further develop this area.

The 30-square-meter living and dining area is designed in a classic European style. It’s perfect for enjoying some downtime, such as afternoon tea or dinner with roommates. We’ve created a share house environment that comfortably accommodates 9 people. Enjoy living with a pleasant living environment and well-equipped shared facilities. You can relax in your own space or enjoy interacting with roommates, catering to a variety of lifestyles. Each private room is furnished with a bed, air conditioner, dresser, and storage space, guaranteeing a comfortable life in a private space. The shared area is equipped with a TV, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, vacuum cleaner, cooking utensils, and tableware, supporting a communal lifestyle.

The area around Morinomiya station is equipped with commercial facilities and restaurants, providing a convenient living environment. Nearby, you’ll find supermarkets, convenience stores, and drugstores, so you’ll never struggle with everyday shopping. Also, Morinomiya Q’s Mall and Royal Host are nearby, allowing you to enjoy a variety of shopping and gourmet experiences.

Enjoy a comfortable share house life at C’s(Si:s)share Morinomiya. Please feel free to contact us for inquiries or to schedule a viewing. All of our staff are eagerly awaiting your visit.

Nearby amenities include: Supermarkets (Life Tamatsukuri Store – 8 min walk, Supermarket Tamade Tamatsukuri Store – 7 min walk, KOHYO JR Morinomiya Store & Drugstore – 8 min walk, Morinomiya Q’s Mall – 10 min walk), Convenience store (Lawson – 3 min walk), Royal Host – 3 min walk, Higashinakado Post Office – 4 min walk.

Occupancy conditions: Women only, aged 18-39.

One-time costs: Official commission of 20,000 yen. There is an examination. No guarantor required. No security deposit or key money.

Monthly costs: include Rent, Utility charge of 14,000yen, Payment fee of 800yen, Fire insurance premium of 500 yen. Guarantee charge of 1,000 yen.

2chou-me Nakamichi Higashinari-ku Osaka-city
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JR Kanjousen (loop line) / Subway Chuou line / Tsurumiryokuchi line Morinomiya on foot 5 min
Time required to terminal station
Osaka 11 min / Shinsaibashi 8 min
Kyobashi 4 min / Honmachi 5 min
Only for Women / No smoking
9 people
Parking lot
Free (inside of the building.)
Wireless LAN
Common Furniture & Appliances
Table, Sofa, Washing machine, Drying machine, Kitchen, Microwave Oven, Toaster, Cooking wares, Tableware
Room Furniture
Bed, Dresser-desk, Air Conditioner, Closet