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Life in “Share House”

Live in share house

The entrance, living room, kitchen, bath room and toilet…etc. are classified to common space, and your room is private space.
Although all the common part has to be shared with housemates, but everyone still needs to do their own work by themselves.
Not like in other countries, it is difficult for Japanese to live with other who are not famiy members.
To let everyone enjoys life here, our share house is regulated by house rules, meanwhile respect to everyone.

Besides, there are housekeeping staffs clean the comment space. You don’t have to do it on duty.
Also, there is no key money, deposit or agent commission before you move-in. Let you move-in easily.

In recently, not only foreigners, but also more and more Japanese women whose ages are between 25 to 35 years old choose to live in share house. If you are the one who don’t want to spend lots of money to purchase bedding, house electrics, who only ask a place to live, who want to spend on travel than housing, who think that it is too expensive to rent a room in Japan, share house may be a good choice to you.

Good parts

  • Closing to downtown, convenient.
  • Being different from studio, share house is with wield living room.
  • Don’t have to pay water, electric, gas and internet fee by yourself.
  • Don’t have to purchase furniture and appliances.
  • There are someone being with you when you are home.
  • Security is better than living alone.
  • There is someone will listen to you when you feel put.
  • Can make friends who are different from work place or school.
  • Can learn to how to go well with other.
  • (Food) There is someone can share the joy with you when you learn a new dish.
  • (Foreigner) Can have global lounge experience without going abroad.
  • (Have the same interest with housemate) Can share music, game or other with each other.

Share house make good effect that let women avoid from risk of living alone. In Japan, to avoid harass form stranger, women allways take below methods. Write down men’s name on house number plate, dry men’s clothes outside…etc., they always do those specially in city. There are several people to live together in share house, security side is better than living alone. And even if there is anything happen outside, it is safer because there are couple of people in the house with you.

Other side, there are bad parts, either.

Bad parts

  • Can’t fall asleep with any noisy.
  • Have different view about sweeping.
  • Trouble accuse by breaking other’s items.
  • There is always someone at house even if you want to be alone.
  • Someone occupied bathroom or toilet while you want to use.
  • Common space does not be cleaned after used.
  • Can’t walk out room naked.
  • Can’t help but want to count on other or be counted.

Most of the bad parts are people can’t go well with each other. In such situations, what we can do is making rules and ask everyone to conform with rules to let everyone can enjoy share house life here.

People who suit to live in share house or do not suit.

Share house is just one choice of living place. In Japan, there are more and more people choose to live in share house this years. Because of that, there are some new problems about living in share house.

The white board is usually written on “This is common sense”. Something like, “It is common sense to be quite at the night” or “This is common sense to cover the toilet seat after you finished”. But, those people who wrote down such words always can’t go well with others.
What called as common sense is just the value of most people.
People are raised in different values ant culture, we shouldn’t classy other into” No common sense” when they have different view with ourselves. If everyone can do so, there may be less conflict. So, when people have an argument with other, they should have a conversation about how they want other to do first, but not try to fight with them. If everyone do so, people will know each other’s mind and go well. We need to respect each other to live together.

We seldom say it is not good for people to be serious and be tidying, but if those people others to do as like them, the share house life will go badly. “If other people can do as well as me, they are wrong.” People have such though may do not suit to share house. Because, the stander of cleaning is different to everyone.
If there is a rule like “The one who can bear it should do the cleaning of house”, clean duty will fall to the person who always tidy up everything well. If the person though it is not a big deal that she does the clean most, roommates will go well. If not, there would be unhappy after days by days. It is good to make things perfect, but it will be stressful if it is asked to much. It seems that it is better not to do over about everything.

People who suit to live in share house or do not suit do have their own personality characteristics. Please check below contents. People who suit to live in share house do not need to match all the characteristics.
The best thing of living in share house is you can know yourself more better by living with roommates.

People who suit to live in share house

  • Can voice opinions what should voice.
  • Can be generous-minded.
  • Can understand others who have different value.
  • Can do thigs well by own.

People who do not suit to live in share house

  • Being too serious.
  • Over tidying or over messing.
  • Do not forgive others’ fault.
  • Depending on others too much.
  • Can’t voice opinions well.