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How to Moving in

Flow of 'How to Moving in'

Step.0 When do you want to move in?

Within 1 month

please look for the room which you wish and make inspection reservation.

Please check a vacant room situation in this site. You should contact use by this inquiry form or telephone. And connect us your schedule to inspect a housing.

Move in after months

Use “Waiting Reservation”

If you would like to make a reservation a few months ahead of your arrival in Kansai, you don’t need to wait anymore! You can make an Wating Reservation. (Place the deposit first and Select your room later) to secure a room now!!

Step.1 Visit and review

You should adjust a schedule with us and meet at the nearest station of a housing on that day. And inspection starts.

Let’s talk with the staff.

In a share life, human relations are very important. Therefore, you should ask us about our policy and tenant living in the housing. And please judge whether the housing is suitable for you.

Documents examination

There is examination when moving in.

Step.2 Reservation and Contract

Reservation of the room

A deposit is required when you reserve. You can reserve a room for 7 days, if you pay a deposit. And you have to decide on a moving-in day within for seven days. A deposit is not repaid, when you cancel reservation after applying.

Decide on a moving-in day

If you decide the day when move in, you tell us it promptly. (You have to move in within one month after the day which reserved. When it has been one month or more, you need to pay a house rent. )




例1 予約日8/1、入居日8/8の場合 家賃は入居日から発生
例2 予約日8/1、入居日9/10の場合 家賃は予約日から30日後の8/30から発生(前家賃が発生します)



例1 予約日8/1、空室予定日8/10、入居日8/15の場合 家賃は入居日から発生
例2 予約日8/1、空室予定日8/10、入居日9/10の場合 家賃は空室予定日から30日後の9/8から発生(前家賃が発生します)


We will send a contract document and a bill to you. You have to submit it to us by a moving-in day. You have to prepare the copy of a passport, and the copy of VISA (ETA) when contracting.


Before three days moving in, you have to pay us first expense and the house rent of first month.

Step.3 Moving in

Moving in

Please tell us arrival time before three days. If you wish, we can pick up you on nearest station or airport bus terminal(Umeda or Namba). The house have furniture, bed, household appliance You should prepare personal effects, bedding, and curtain. Our staff meets you on a moving-in day. They will hand your room key and will explain a house rule.

Step.4 Departure

Moving out notice

When you have decided to move out, please inform us at least 1 month prior to your move-out day. When you will move in less than 30 days, the house rent for one month is needed from the day which notified.

Moving out

On the day you move out, our staff will come and inspect the room together with you. Please help us by cleaning the room beforehand. Stay connected by joining our Facebook & Twitter and let’s share your Tokyo experience!