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ー The Maison ー

Just one step away from your dream life.
Become your vibrant self at The Maison.
Everyday excitement transforms the ordinary
into the extraordinary.

The Maison, where new choices create new lifestyles.
Embrace fulfilling days with housemates at The Maison.
A place for both socializing with friends
and focusing on your work,
providing a well-rounded environment.
You'll find your favorite spot for sure.
Escape the mundane and embrace fresh, new days.

  • AZITO-Umeda

    The Maison AZITO-Umeda


    ¥ 46,000 ~ 52,000

    "AZITO Umeda Umekita is located in Osaka's po...

    JR line Osaka Station On foot 8 minutes
    JR line Fukushima Station On foot 7 minutes
    Hankyu line Umeda Station On foot 10 minutes
  • AZITO Uehonmachi

    The Maison AZITO Uehonmachi


    ¥ 44,000 ~ 50,000

    Just a 3-minute walk from the Kintetsu "Uehom...

    Kintetsu Line Uehonmachi station, 3 mins on foot
    Sennichimae Line Tanimachi 9-chome station, 7 mins on foot
    Tanimachi Line Tanimachi 9-chome station, 7 mins on foot
  • AZITO Umeda Oyodo

    The Maison AZITO Umeda Oyodo

    Soon Available

    ¥ 43,000 ~ 53,000

    AZITO Umeda Oyodo, which opened in September ...

    JR Loop Line Fukushima station, 12 mins on foot
    JR Line Osaka station, 19 mins on foot
    Hankyu Line Osaka Umeda station, 20 mins on foot
  • The Maison OLD/NEW

    The Maison The Maison OLD/NEW


    ¥ 40,000 ~ 41,000

    "The Maison OLD/NEW" is a newly opened co-ed ...

    Kintetsu Osaka line/Nara line Fuse station, 4 mins on foot
  • The Maison Rivage Sakuranomiya

    The Maison The Maison Rivage Sakuranomiya


    ¥ 45,000 ~ 50,000

    "The Maison Rivage Sakuranomiya" is located n...

    JR Loop Line Sakuranomiya station, 3 mins on foot
    Osaka metoro Tanimachi Line Miyakojima station, 10 mins on foot
  • The Maison Studio Kobe

    The Maison The Maison Studio Kobe


    ¥ 45,000 ~ 47,000

    "The Maison Studio Kobe Sumiyoshi" is a new s...

    JR Tokaido line Sumiyoshi Station,3 mins on foot
    Rokko Liner Sumiyoshi Station,4 mins on foot
    Hankyu Kobe Line Mikage Station, 15 mins on foot
  • AZITO Senri-chuo

    The Maison AZITO Senri-chuo

    Soon Available

    ¥ 42,000 ~ 45,000

    A detached house type share house has opened ...

    Kita Osaka Express Senri Chuo Station on foot 16 minutes
    Osaka monorail Shoji Station on foot 10 minutes