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Toyonaka / Suita

  • C’s(Si:s)share Osaka University Suita Campus

    C’s(Si:s)share Osaka University Suita Campus


    ¥ 35,000 ~ 42,000

    Going to Osaka University Suita Campus and Ritsumeikan University Ibaragi Campus by bicycle will only cost approximately 10 minutes! This house is very convenient for commuting to school.
    This is an international area because there are many students from other countries.
    This share house is a good ideal for those who wish to have an international exchange.

    Osaka University Suita Campus bicycle 10min
    Monorail Koen Higashi station 16 min on foot
    JR line Ibaragi station bus 14min
  • C’s(Si:s)share Hankyu Toyonaka Music

    C’s(Si:s)share Hankyu Toyonaka Music


    ¥ 45,000 ~ 53,000

    We prepared a grand piano and a soundproof room for musical player.

    Hankyu line Toyonaka Station on foot 4 minutes
  • C’s(Si:s)share Toyonaka Cat’s

    C’s(Si:s)share Toyonaka Cat’s


    ¥ 42,000 ~ 44,000

    There are very few share houses where cats can be kept in Osaka. It is a small female-only share house with 5 private rooms, where you can spend a relaxing life with your cat and female roommates. Even if you do not own a cat, you still can move in if you like cats.

    Osaka monorail line Shoji Station on foot 15 minutes
    Bus stop (Higashi-Toyonaka Apartments stop), 1 min on foot → Momoyamadai Station, 10-15 min
  • C’s(Si:s)share Osaka University Toyonaka

    C’s(Si:s)share Osaka University Toyonaka


    ¥ 39,000 ~ 45,000

    This house is located to Osaka University Toyonaka campus 4 minutes.The theme is “Like International Life”! You will live with many Japanese and foreigner room mates. Therefore, You will make any Japanese friends.

    Osaka monorail Shibahara Station on foot 1 minutes
    Hankyu Toyonaka Station by bicycle 8 minutes
    Hankyu Hotarugaike Station by bicycle 7 minutes
  • C’s(Si:s)share Senri-chuo Pet’s

    C’s(Si:s)share Senri-chuo Pet’s


    ¥ 42,000 ~ 45,000

    A pet-friendly share house opened in the popular Hokusetsu area! In addition to the owner, people who simply like animals are also welcome. Not only the puppies, but also other small animals are no problem.
    The courtyard has a running space and a bathing space for the puppies. Here you can play with puppies on a sunny day and drink with your roommates in the evening. Please come to experience such a comfortable life.

    Kita Osaka Express Senri Chuo Station on foot 16 minutes
    Osaka monorail Shoji Station on foot 10 minutes