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Recommended Property


    Other unique share houses CASA VERDE K MIDORIBASHI


    ¥ 35,000 ~ 41,000

    Newly opened

    For those seeking a new stage in life in the ...

    Subway Chuo Line Midoribashi station, 6 mins on foot
    Subway Imazatosuji Line Midoribashi station, 6 mins on foot
  • AZITO Umeda Oyodo

    The Maison AZITO Umeda Oyodo


    ¥ 42,000 ~ 52,000

    AZITO Umeda Oyodo, which opened in September ...

    JR Loop Line Fukushima station, 12 mins on foot
    JR Line Osaka station, 19 mins on foot
    Hankyu Line Osaka Umeda station, 20 mins on foot
  • The Maison Rivage Sakuranomiya

    The Maison The Maison Rivage Sakuranomiya


    ¥ 43,000 ~ 48,000

    "The Maison Rivage Sakuranomiya" is located n...

    JR Loop Line Sakuranomiya station, 3 mins on foot
    Osaka metoro Tanimachi Line Miyakojima station, 10 mins on foot
  • C’s(Si:s)share Umeda 1

    Cs share C’s(Si:s)share Umeda 1


    ¥ 45,000 ~ 54,000

    Located in the attention-grabbing area "Ume-k...

    JR line Osaka Station On foot 8 minutes
    JR line Fukushima Station On foot 7 minutes
    Hankyu line Umeda Station On foot 10 minutes
  • C’s(Si:s)share Namba 1

    Cs share C’s(Si:s)share Namba 1


    ¥ 39,000 ~ 50,000

    "C's (Si:s) Share Namba 1" is located just a ...

    JR line Namba Station On foot 2 minutes
    Subway Namba Station On foot 8 minutes
    Kintetsu line Namba Station On foot 8 minutes
  • C’s(Si:s)share Tamatsukuri 1

    Cs share C’s(Si:s)share Tamatsukuri 1


    ¥ 47,000 ~ 50,000

    "C’s (Si:s)share Tamatsukuri 1" is situated i...

    JR loop line Tamatsukuri station 4min walk
    Subway Tsurumiryokuchi line Tamatsukuri station on foot 6min.
    Subway Chuo & Tsurumiryokuchi line Morinomiya station on foot 8min.
  • C’s(Si:s)share Umeda 4 Nakazakicho

    Cs share C’s(Si:s)share Umeda 4 Nakazakicho


    ¥ 45,000 ~ 50,000

    Special offer New price

    Nakazakicho is a lovely area with a retro fee...

    Subway Tanimachi line Nakazakicho station 3 minutes on foot
    Hankyu line Umeda station 10 minutes on foot
    Subway Midosuji line Umeda station 12 minutes on foot
    JR line Osaka station 14 minutes on foot
  • Stella  C’s(Si:s)share Nishinomiya-kitaguchi Music

    Cs share Stella C’s(Si:s)share Nishinomiya-kitaguchi Music


    ¥ 35,000 ~ 65,000

    "Stella Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Music" is a uni...

    Hankyu line Nishinomiya-kitaguchi Station on foot 2 minutes.