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C’s(Si:s)share Tezukayama


¥ 38,000 ~ 40,000

C’s(Si:s)share Tezukayama

“C’s(Si:s) share Tezukayama,” located in Tezukayama, a quiet residential area in the southern part of Osaka city.


This share house boasts exceptional access to Osaka Minami, with four convenient stations (Nankai Koya Line, Yotsubashi Line, Hankai Line, and Hankai Uemachi Line) to “Namba Station” and “Tennoji Station.” The share house is a 5-minute walk from “Tezukayama Station” on the Nankai Koya Line, 8 minutes to “Namba Station,” a 10-minute walk from “Himematsu Station” on the Hankai Tramway, 10 minutes to “Tennoji Station,” and a 10-minute walk from “Tamade Station” on the Yotsubashi subway line, 20 minutes to “Nishi-Umeda Station.” The surrounding area is a quiet residential district, dotted with stylish cafes, restaurants, sweet shops, and miscellaneous goods stores, making for an environment that can be enjoyed even on weekends.


This share house has a capacity of 5 people and generously utilizes over 100 square meters for its 5LDK layout. It is a small, female-only share house that allows for loose connections while respecting privacy. It’s the perfect residence for those who want to live connected with others, although living alone is also good.


Each room is 8.0 to 13.2 square meters and is equipped with a bed, air conditioner, dresser desk, and closet. The shared area is equipped with a TV, refrigerator, washer/dryer, vacuum cleaner, cooking utensils, and tableware.


In addition, the area around Tamade subway station is rich in shopping facilities. It is equipped with necessary facilities for daily life, such as convenience stores, supermarkets, drugstores, and banks.


Why not start a new life at “C’s(Si:s) share Tezukayama”? Please come and take a look once. We are looking forward to seeing you.


Nearby facilities include: Seven Eleven (8-minute walk), Super Life (5-minute walk), Super Tamade (9-minute walk), Sugi Drugstore (10-minute walk), Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Tamade Branch (11-minute walk), Nishinari Tamade Post Office (7-minute walk).

Occupancy conditions: Women only, aged 18-39.

One-time costs: Official commission of 20,000 yen. There is an examination. No guarantor required. No security deposit or key money.

Monthly costs: include Rent, Utility charge of 14,000yen, Payment fee of 800yen, Fire insurance premium of 500 yen. Guarantee charge of 1,000 yen.

Osaka City Sumiyoshiku Tetsukayamanishi 1 Cyoume
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Nankai Koya Line Tezukayama station, 5 mins on foot
Osaka Metoro Yotsubashi Line Detama station, 10 mins on foot
Hankai Tramway Hankai Line Tsukanishi station, 5 mins on foot

Time required to terminal station
Go to tenoji (Abeno station) , 10 mins by train
Go to Nanba station ,8 mins by train
Go to Osaka (Nishiumeda station) , 16 mins by train
Female only, no-smoking
5 people
Shared lounge
1 place
Bicycle Parking lot
Yes (for free)
Common Furniture & Appliances
Table, sofa, washing machine, during machine, kitchen, oven, cooker and tableware
Room Furniture
bed , dress table , air-condition and closet (storage space) and curtain