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C’s(Si:s)share Umeda 2 Fukushima


¥ 49,000 ~ 54,000

C’s(Si:s)share Umeda 2 Fukushima

C’s(Si:s)share Umeda 2 Fukushima is a hidden gem located in the popular areas of Dōjima and Fukushima in Osaka. It features a lively design in the living area with an orange and wood color scheme.

This location is ideal for those working in Nishi-Umeda, Dōjima, and Nakanoshima. Its convenient location makes it suitable for those who tend to get home late or like to sleep in until the last minute. With excellent access within walking distance to Hanshin Fukushima Station and JR Fukushima Station, this is a prime spot. In the vicinity, you’ll find plenty of convenience stores, supermarkets, and eateries. The attraction of being close to trendy cafes, pancake shops, and gourmet spots featured in magazines adds to the charm.

Our house accommodates up to 8 people, offering facilities like beds and kitchens that provide a clean and secure environment. Enjoy a comfortable co-living experience while sharing Osaka’s allure and interacting with your housemates.

You can use five different stations. Hanshin Fukushima Station is just a 1-minute walk away! Other stations include the JR Tōzai Line Shin-Fukushima Station (3 minutes on foot), JR Loop Line Fukushima Station (4 minutes on foot), Subway Yotsubashi Line Nishi-Umeda Station (10 minutes on foot), and JR Osaka Station (12 minutes on foot).

Other nearby amenities include: Seven-Eleven (3 minutes on foot), supermarkets (Hankyu Oasis Fukushima Store – 6 minutes, BIG BEANS – 5 minutes, CoDeli Nishi-Umeda Park Store – 1 minute), Tully’s Coffee (2 minutes), McDonald’s (3 minutes), and Mitsubishi UFJ Bank/Sumitomo Mitsui Bank ATM (1 minute on foot).

Occupancy conditions: Women only, aged 18-39

One-time costs: Official commission of 20,000 yen. There is an examination. No guarantor required. No security deposit or key money.

Monthly costs: include Rent, Utility charge of 14,000 yen, Payment fee of 800 yen, Fire insurance premium of 500 yen. Guarantee charge of 1,000 yen.

5 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka-city
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Hanshin Line Fukushima Station on foot 1 minutes
JR Tozai Line Shin-Fukushima Station on foot 3minutes
JR Roop Line Fukushima Station on foot 4 minutes
Subway Yotsubashi Line Nishi-Umeda Station on foot 5 minutes
Only woman Non-smoking House
8 persons
Bicycle Parking lot
Parking lot
Wireless LAN Wifi
Common Furniture & Appliances
washing machine, drier, dining room, 40 type television, kitchen, Cookware , microwave oven, toaster, plates, cutleries, Roof terace
Room Furniture
bed, dresser, air-conditioner, lighting, closet