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Economical to live with your friend!Large Room by 2 people vailable! VR Preview
Umeda3 JR-Tenma

Hankyu Kobe Line

  • The Maison Studio Kobe

    The Maison Studio Kobe

    Soon Available

    ¥ 36,000 ~ 38,000

    2021・02 Coming Soon

    This house has a dance house which is big as 30-square-meter. It is suitable for dance, yoga or fitness exercises. And it can be used 365 days a year. Because this share house is reformed from a company’s employee dormitories which has 30 rooms, so every room equipped with bathroom and toile. Also, there is a female-only floor ( has 11 rooms).

    JR Tokaido line Sumiyoshi Station,3 mins on foot
    Rokko Liner Sumiyoshi Station,4 mins on foot
    Hankyu Kobe Line Mikage Station, 15 mins on foot
  • Umeda5 Chayamachi

    Umeda5 Chayamachi


    ¥ 48,000 ~ 59,000


    This house is close to Umeda, Chayamachi and Nakazaki area. It is a quire good location to live. Recommend to you who are full of motivation for life!

    Subway Tanimachi line Nakazakicho station 3 min on foot
    Hankyu line Umeda station 7 min on foot
    Subway Midosuji line Umeda station 9 min on foot
    JR line Osaka station 11 min on foot
  • Umeda 4 Nakazakicho

    Umeda 4 Nakazakicho


    ¥ 49,000 ~ 53,000


    It will only cost you 10 mins to walk to downtown Umeda of Osaka city. Nakazakichou is a place with traditional atmosphere closed to downtown. There are lots Café, grocery stores, and vintage clothes stores.
    Because of that, Nakazakichou is called one of the most popular machi in Osaka city.

    Subway Tanimachi line Nakazakicho station 3 minutes on foot
    Hankyu line Umeda station 10 minutes on foot
    Subway Midosuji line Umeda station 12 minutes on foot
    JR line Osaka station 14 minutes on foot
  • Stella Nishinomiya-kitaguchi Music

    Stella Nishinomiya-kitaguchi Music

    Soon Available

    ¥ 35,000 ~ 53,000


    We respond to the customer’s request that would like to live at Nishinomiya with reasonable price .We prepare reasonable domitory (room for 2 people) and a share room.(for 3 people).

    Hankyu line Nishinomiya-kitaguchi Station on foot 2 minutes.
  • Hankyu Tsukaguchi

    Hankyu Tsukaguchi


    ¥ 46,000 ~ 49,000


    This house is located between Osaka and Kobe.To Umeda 10 min, To Kobe 20 min.The theme is “Maison de trois”! This house has 3 rooms and 3-person Living in.

    Hankyu Kobe Line Tsukaguchi Station on foot 5 minutes