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Hanshin Line

  • C’s(Si:s)share Noda

    Cs share C’s(Si:s)share Noda


    ¥ 35,000 ~ 44,000

    Introducing "C's (Si:s) share Noda", a share ...

    Subway Sennichimae line Tamagawa Station On foot 0 minute
    JR loop line Noda Station On foot 2 minutes
  • The Maison Studio Kobe

    The Maison The Maison Studio Kobe


    ¥ 43,000 ~ 45,000

    "The Maison Studio Kobe Sumiyoshi" is a new s...

    JR Tokaido line Sumiyoshi Station,3 mins on foot
    Rokko Liner Sumiyoshi Station,4 mins on foot
    Hankyu Kobe Line Mikage Station, 15 mins on foot
  • C’s(Si:s)share Umeda5 Chayamachi

    Cs share C’s(Si:s)share Umeda5 Chayamachi


    ¥ 48,000 ~ 59,000

    Located close to Umeda and Chayamachi, this s...

    Subway Tanimachi line Nakazakicho station 3 min on foot
    Hankyu line Umeda station 7 min on foot
    Subway Midosuji line Umeda station 9 min on foot
    JR line Osaka station 11 min on foot
  • C’s(Si:s)share Umeda 1

    Cs share C’s(Si:s)share Umeda 1


    ¥ 45,000 ~ 54,000

    Located in the attention-grabbing area "Ume-k...

    JR line Osaka Station On foot 8 minutes
    JR line Fukushima Station On foot 7 minutes
    Hankyu line Umeda Station On foot 10 minutes
  • C’s(Si:s)share Umeda 2 Fukushima

    Cs share C’s(Si:s)share Umeda 2 Fukushima


    ¥ 48,000 ~ 54,000

    C's(Si:s)share Umeda 2 Fukushima is a hidden ...

    Hanshin Line Fukushima Station on foot 1 minutes
    JR Tozai Line Shin-Fukushima Station on foot 3minutes
    JR Roop Line Fukushima Station on foot 4 minutes
    Subway Yotsubashi Line Nishi-Umeda Station on foot 5 minutes