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Economical to live with your friend!Large Room by 2 people vailable! VR Preview
The Maison OLD/NEW

Miyakojima Ku, Osaka City

  • The Maison Rivage Sakuranomiya

    The Maison Rivage Sakuranomiya


    ¥ 43,000 ~ 48,000

    The Maison 3rd store is located near the famous cherry blossom spot “Kema-Sakuranomiya Park”. The entire building was redecorated. It is not easy to find a house like this one in the downtown of Osaka City.

    JR Loop Line Sakuranomiya station, 3 mins on foot
    Osaka metoro Tanimachi Line Miyakojima station, 10 mins on foot
  • RARAMURI Kyoubashi

    RARAMURI Kyoubashi


    ¥ 40,000 ~ 43,000

    This is a female only share house for aged 30 to 49.
    It suits those who like to live in quietly aera.
    There is no need to transfer when you go to Umeda, Shinsaibashi or Yodoyabashi by train.

    JR Loop Line Kyoubashi station 7 min on foot
    JR Tozai Line Kyoubashi station 7 min on foot
    Osaka Metoro Nagahoribashitsurumiryokuchi Line Kyoubashi station 6 min on foot
    Keihan Line Kyoubashi station 7 min on foot